Our vision is to see our talents and clients reaching their fullest potential in every way.


Our mission is to combine science, technology, and network to bring the best-suited companies and talents to work together to their fullest potential. Our mission is to combine science, technology, and networks to bring out the fullest potential of employers and talents at work.

About us

Fourlead was founded as a job portal two years ago in 2019. We were the first job portal in the world with a behavioural assessment. That made all our candidates come with the behavioural profile.

Not only that, but the employers can also state the behavioural demands of a particular job to increase the transparency of the job requirements. To further boost the transparency, we have the workplace cultural assessment ready for the job seekers to assess their current companies just so this information will give additional insights into the company.

All these systems are in place to achieve our vision to reduce the mismatch in recruitment and employment through transparency for higher workplace efficiency. We wanted to be a job portal where people can see more than just the standard information. Applying for unsuitable job vacancies and interviewing unsuitable candidates is just a waste of everyone's time. We have pivoted and manoeuvred our business model, product directions, price points, and solutions onto something else throughout the two years. Long story short, we have decided to transform the job portal into an executive search firm in Malaysia because we have found our specialised niche at iBESPEAK in 2021.

The new Fourlead will continue its journey towards the original purpose by giving a more warm and personal touch to our clients and candidates. We use the systems we had developed in the past two years to empower our consultants to perform much better talent mappings and provide more suitable talents to our clients. At Fourlead, we strive to minimize post-hiring shock constructively and scientifically. That is, by providing higher transparency in terms of company culture, job behavioural demands, and talents behavioural insights to manage both parties' expectations.

We gain trust through professionalism and service quality, not by how we dress and look. Our values are unmatched in our ways. Find out our personalised methodology to learn more.

Our Philosophy

We still believe good expectation management is the key to thrive in managing people, and transparency is the way.