To reduce mismatch in recruitment and employment for higher workplace efficiency.


At fourlead, we minimize the challenges of traditional hiring by using behavioural and cultural assessments to help employers make better hiring decisions and, we show job seekers their behavioural types and the culture types of potential employers so that they can maximize their job search activities for better and more beneficial employment outcomes.

About us

We match employers with the right employees. Fourlead is a behavioural assessment recruitment portal that connects employers with the employees who display the kind of behaviour required for workplace fit and higher human capital optimization. We minimize the risk of employment mismatch and help employers streamline for efficiency by giving employers the opportunity to hire based on behavioural requirements and, we let them see the behavioural types of job seekers that apply for their job positions on our platform.

We attract the right employees with culture insights. Fourlead integrates culture assessments that show the types of culture practised by companies. This value addition streamlines and increases the number of quality applicants who apply to job posts. Our cultural fit information minimizes the risk of cultural mismatch and helps employers to attract applicants who are best suited to their unique company culture.

We make employees more efficient and happier. We provide a platform for job seekers to take free behavioural assessments that can help them identify their strongest behavioural areas. With this knowledge, they can quickly gain insight on the best roles that will require their behavioural strengths, get higher chances of gaining productive employment and take on jobs that will maximize their strengths and reward them with higher job satisfaction.

Core Values

Value Addition

We add value to employers and employees by creating better employer-employee fit which can help employers enjoy better ROI on their human capital investments and reward employees with higher job satisfaction

Hiring Efficiency

Employers who use our platform save time because we streamline their hiring options quickly and efficiently to only talents that precisely fit their desired employee profiles

Productive Relationships

By improving work fit, work relationships become socially and economically productive which is a win-win situation on both sides of the table.

Happier Workplaces

By helping job seekers identify their areas of strengths and empowering employers with the behavioural information they need to make smarter and faster and better hiring decisions, we promote productive workplaces. Productive workplaces equal happier employers and employees.